Full Video – Mentally Handicapped White Chicago Man Kidnapped & Tortured By 4 Teens Who Broadcasted Their Crime on Facebook Live

A mentally handicapped Chicago man was kidnapped and tortured for 24-48 hours by 4 Chicago teens who have since been arrested. Charges are still pending.

Brittany Herring, the woman identified who posted the video to Facebook has been arrested along with her 3 accomplices.

During the video, the kidnappers can be heard yelling racial slurs at the bound man as well as potentially implicating themselves in a hate crime by yelling “Fuck Donald Trump, nigga! Fuck white people, boy! Fuck white people, boy!”

The perpetrators can be seen kicking and hitting the disabled man and, at one point, lifting the man up by a noose-like rope and cutting into his head with a knife.

At another point in the video, the assailants can be seen forcing the man to drink toilet water.

The man was ultimately released and found wandering the streets of Chicago in a daze. Police have been attempting to interview him but have stated that he is unable to communicate.

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